Putting children and young people first in the family courts


Working with you and your children

Sometimes, after the first hearing, Cafcass will be asked to provide a further report to the court. This video has our practitioners explaining the type of work we might do after the first hearing. The video also has parents talking about their experiences of Cafcass.

It's really important to understand that Cafcass can only carry out work at the request of the court. In many cases our involvement ends at the first hearing and we won't go on to do further work. When the court has asked us to do further work this may involve the types of work you will see in the video but what we do in each case is determined by the individual practitioner, based on his or her assessment of what they need carry out in order to provide the court with the information it has requested Cafcass to provide. Our practitioners are very skilled and will only carry out the work they need to inform their assessment.

If you have concerns around the extent of enquiries we have made or any other professional decisions made in the case then it is really important that you make the court aware of these during proceedings. 


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