Putting children and young people first in the family courts


Who is Cafcass and what do we do?

This video is aimed at children and young people, but we hope grown-ups find it useful too.

In this video Kitty (15) and Jess (18), two members of the FJYPB, and Ewan (11), discuss their personal experiences of the family courts and how Cafcass Family Court Advisers (FCAs) supported and listened to them, keeping their best interests at the heart of proceedings.

This video talks about the type of work we might do in cases around where a child will live and who a child will spend time with. These are often called 'private law' cases. It's really important to understand that in most cases Cafcass will only do a very short piece of work with the adult parties. Cafcass will only meet with children and young people when the court has asked us to do so.

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