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Learning and development


Our approach to learning and development is an inclusive one. We take an approach which helps you to use your strengths and provides space for you to continually develop.  We enable you to reflect upon and discuss your aspirations, and support you to learn and achieve more.


Supervision and Performance and Learning Reviews

At the root of all our development strategies is regular supervision and Performance and Learning Reviews.  You help identify your own development needs and we have a range of tools in place to support you in addressing these.


Learning resources

Our online learning platform provides a range of materials that can be accessed at any time.  There are modules on a range of topics, from social work practice, to management theory, and personal development.  Our National Improvement Service and HR teams also run a range of workshops and events, allowing all staff to develop core competencies.


Coaching and mentoring

We’ve developed a Cafcass Coaching Skills programme which combines eLearning with real-life practice. We recognise that some learning is best done one to one, so we have a network of coaches and mentors that can really support your development.


Development programmes

Cafcass run a number of programmes through the year, designed to ensure everyone has the necessary learning and development opportunities:

• Our Emerging Talent programme is aimed at employees with the aspiration to move to a higher graded
   role within a 24 month period.  

• We offer leadership and management development programmes that provide specific development if
   you are an existing manager or aspire to be one.


• Our Practice Supervisors and Business Services teams have bespoke development programmes aimed
   at increasing their professional knowledge and skills.

• We also run Graduate and Apprentice Programmes.


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