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Becky Evans, Office Manager, Cheshire, Merseyside and Lancashire

“I have worked for Cafcass since 2003, starting as an administrator in a small local office and becoming the Office Manager for Cheshire, Merseyside and Lancashire in 2010.Magistrate

As an office manager I am responsible for the business support teams in my area. I manage the offices in terms of data security, health and safety, and finance.  I am also part of the Area Management Team dealing with performance information and area wide business plans. 

Like everyone working in Cafcass I have a demanding job but its variety and the support of skilled and experienced colleagues are what make it enjoyable and worthwhile.

If you come to work for Cafcass you will become part of a committed and resourceful team of people, playing your part in the vital role of assisting our family courts to make decisions leading to the best possible outcomes for children. You will learn a lot and be valued for the contribution you make to the work Cafcass does and it will never be dull.”

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