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Completing your application

Your application form is a key part of our recruitment process as we will use the information in your application to decide whether to invite you to the next stage of the selection process. Therefore, it is important that you are honest with us and that you provide all the information we are looking for. We hope that the following guidance will help you in completing your application.

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Before you start

Please ensure you meet our minimum eligibility criteria for the post that you are applying for. The requirements for each role are set out in the person specification. Any applications that don’t meet our minimum eligibility criteria will not be progressed to the short-listing stage. Please be sure to read the job description and person specification so you know what we are looking for. You should aim to address the key areas of the person specification in your supporting statement.



***Please note: We undertake routine maintenance of our recruitment website over the first weekend of every month. During these times there will be limited system availability***


 Hints and Tips


  • Make sure that you complete all relevant sections of the application form. We will not be able to progress any applications that are not fully completed.
  • Make sure you meet the closing date. Any applications that are submitted after the closing date will not be progressed.
  • Tell us about your skills and experience – we won’t make any assumptions about you or your ability.
  • Be honest - make sure that the information you provide on your application is accurate.
  • Tell us about any requirements or reasonable adjustments that you require to fully participate in the selection process.
  • Please note that our online application system is currently encountering an issue with Firefox due to a recent service pack upgrade.  We would strongly recommend you to use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome as the web browser when accessing the system whilst this issue is being resolved.


  • Refer us to your current job description or CV – we are only able to accept completed applications and our selection process will be based on this.
  • Leave any gaps in your employment history. If you have had any gaps in your employment, please let us know, with full details of the reason for the gap.
  • Say “I will give details at interview” – we need to know on the application form what your skills and experience are so that we can fully assess whether you meet our criteria as part of the short-listing process.
  • Leave out any relevant experience, even if this has been gained in voluntary or unpaid work – it may be important to the role you are applying for.
  • Worry if your qualifications have been gained abroad. Include them in your application and we’ll check out whether they are relevant.


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