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Your Idea Here

Your Idea Here is your chance to have your say on what you think we can do to improve our service to children and families. 


Introduction from our Chief Executive, Anthony Douglas


Anthony Douglas"The test of a successful innovation in Cafcass is that is makes a difference to the children we work with, that it makes a difference to the family court process for all concerned or that it strengthens the systems within Cafcass that need to operate like clockwork if we are to provide a consistent and reliable service to the 115,000 children a year referred to us by courts.

Innovating is everyone’s business. Every service user, every member of staff and every family justice system professional can see a better way of doing things. This is not a negative point; it is just that every way of working can be continuously improved.

For Cafcass, we need to make sure that ideas about innovation are expressed, heard, understood and followed up. This is why we are launching Your Ideas Here: an open access network providing the means for  anyone interested in how we operate and how we can keep on improving to share their views and ideas around innovation. Ideas for innovation can be big or small; each can make a difference."


Innovations already under way


    • Speeding up the time it takes us to produce and file reports in private law cases

    • Considering whether a model of restorative family justice can resolve disputes safely and quickly by restoring relationships between estranged family members where communication has broken down

    • Planning our role and contribution to the any future models of the family court, including greater access online

    • Working out the best possible outcome measures of our work including the impact, good or bad, on children and their families

  • Supporting co-production of work between ourselves and those who use our services, for example, by building a facility for children and families to track their own case and provide more accessible and flexible means to input into it than they can in fixed meetings with us  


Submit your idea

To have your say sumbit your idea to Innovations@cafcass.gsi.gov.uk.

We are interested in examples and experiences that have made a difference, and how this was achieved, so please do send any accompanying information, such as a link to a report or article.

It doesn't have to be a long submission - a few lines is fine, if that is all that is necessary to express your idea.

What we will do with your ideas

We have set up an Innovation Board, where our senior managers and Board members consider the priorities for innovations for Cafcass. We will be feeding ideas into this Board and through the organisation, to action those with potential. We will also be working towards events to both generate and implement good ideas.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing some of the constructive ideas we’ve received on this page, on our Twitter feed and our external newsletter.

We will only consider genuine responses and constructive ideas; any emails containing offensive or abusive content will be deleted without acknowledgement.

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