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Our work

Cafcass helps over 116,000 vulnerable children and young people each year who are going through the family justice system. Our experienced Family Court Advisers become involved in cases when children are subject to an application for care or supervision proceedings by social services (public law) or in an adoption application (public law). Cafcass also helps when parents who are separating or divorcing can’t agree on arrangements for their children (private law).

  • Resources for grown-ups

    We have lots of useful resources available to download for grown-ups. These include factsheets covering public and private law cases and information and advice for parents who are separating.

  • Resources for children and young people

    If you are a child or young person and want to understand more about the family court system, our publications for children and young people are packed full of information and advice.

  • Our work in public law: Michael and Kate's stories

    Find out how Cafcass helped Michael when he moved to a foster home, and how Cafcass supported Kate in changing her living situation for the better by clicking on the link below.

  • Our work in private law: hear young people's experiences

    In this video Kitty (15) and Jess (18), two former members of the FJYPB, and Ewan (11), discuss their personal experiences of the family courts and how Cafcass Family Court Advisers (FCAs) supported and listened to them, keeping their best interests at the heart of proceedings.

  • Do your children have questions about family courts?

    Help your children understand more about the family courts by using our interactive guide to the family courts for children:


    8-12 girl court

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  • Our work in private law: hear grown-ups' experiences

    This video is also aimed at grown-ups, and presents the type of work Cafcass may carry out when a judge asks us to provide additional information to the court so a safe decision can be made for the child concerned. This video also provides advice for parties ahead of meeting with a Cafcass practitioner, to ensure that they are focused on their child, not the adult dispute.

  • Are you a social worker?

    If you are interested in a career with Cafcass and want to find out more, visit our careers page.

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